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The leading Groundhog Day data source

Since summer 2022, has been the number one clean and breathable, machine-readable, all-regional data source for North America’s Groundhog Day forecasts.

Groundhog Day draws upon pre-Enlightenment-era wisdom in which fuzzy marmots are cross-examined by top-hatted mayors requesting weather reports. The data collected by GROUNDHOG‑ is therefore a matter of public record, granting academics and journalists access to a free and comprehensive list of prognosticators and their shady divinations. Finally, evidence-based observers can separate the True Groundhogs from the ground-frauds.

Similar to, the technology used is super boring: express.js in the backend and nunjucks templates in front. There’s a dusting of frontend JavaScript for casual visitors to sort and filter groundhogs or predictions for a given year. For real data heads, the JSON API (complete with schema) serves up-to-the-minute prediction data with enterprise-scale reliability. is a cheerful and efficient webapp that does what it needs to without faffing around. It’s super fast, it’s trivial to run, it scales like crazy, it’s extra-accessible, and it’s got the cutest skip link of all time.

Groundhog Day would look awful without my dynamite designer-collaborator Tyler Benning, and would never have existed at all without my cross-quarter girlfriend, Rhianna Kidd.